IAPACK supplies triangle tea bag packing machine. The machine is equipped with a range of sensors for identifying any errors. A tea bag with sticky tape is automatically ejected, for example. This minimises the standstill time of the machine. As a result, you can keep the OEE up for over 91% of the total production time. The thread is also located in the top of the pyramid bag and not on the side as is the case for similar machines; this means that the bag keeps its attractive triangle shape.

Nylon triangle tea bag adopts the imported environmental nylon, weaving cloth material from Japan, which isof sense of high quality food class filter material without poison and bacteria, with heat-resistance approved by China safety inspection,the single color printing of pulling paper on packing is made from importednontoxic ink from Japan suitable for food,and could 100% recycle and reduce the environmental pollution.


High productivity

Once the filter is assembled, the machine can run non-stop for at least 4.5 to 6 hours without stopping to replace the materials. This is in stark contrast with similar machines that use a modified filter including thread and label that has to be replaced every hour.

Different types of tea

A 16 headed multi-head weigher is fixed to the machine so different types of tea can be packaged with a high accuracy.

Considerable cost savings

Contrary to other pyramid tea bag machines, you do not have to buy an expensive (custom) filter. You can produce with a standard filter in which paper and thread are sealed ultrasonically.


By purchasing this machine, your production costs are reduced considerably. As a result, you will earn back your equipment investment in a relatively short period of time.

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