vertical packaging machine is the main and hot-sale product produced by Iapack, to meet the request of higher level machines in the market.Its advantages include: Compact and strong design,friendly and easy control panel,big range bag packing size and stable running quality, and more…




1.The newest popular design with strong construction.
2.Compact size allows more flexible applications and saving room.
3.Double-belt for film transportation, placidly and quickly, small friction, little waste.
4.High quality pneumatic sealing system (Option : Panasonic servo motor drive).
5.Film pulling system controlled by servo motor.
6.Human-friendly PLC control panel which greatly improves control precision, adjusting range, dependability and intelligence.
7.Large range of film width available from film width 280mm to 620mm.
8.Make gusset bags and hanging hole bags according to customer's requirement.
9.Range of bag styles: This machine can make pillow-type bag ,gusset bag, punch bag ,single layer PE bag, or according to customer’s requirements.

Bag style:

Pillow bag,gusset bag,flat bottom bag,punch bag and more...


Dual servo motor system,Bag support device,Gusset Device,PE Film Sealing System,Air Expeller,Hole Punch Device,Safety Switch and more...

Schnelle Details

Typ: Multifunktionsverpackungsmaschine
Artikelzustand: Neu
Funktion: Füllen, Versiegeln, Formen
Anwendung: Chemikalie, Lebensmittel, Medizin
Verpackungsart: Taschen, Folien, Beutel, Standbeutel
Verpackungsmaterial: Kunststoff
Automatischer Grad: Automatisch
Angetriebener Typ: elektrisch
Spannung: 220V
Leistung: 2.5KW
Zertifizierung: CE-Zertifizierung
Film Width: 200-620mm
Bag Width: 90-290mm
Taschenlänge: 90-300mm
Vertikale Dichtungsbreite: 8-20 mm
Packing Films: Laminated film, PE film, etv
Verpackungsgeschwindigkeit: 20-60 Beutel / min
Materialien: SUS304
Dimension: 1280 * 1159 * 1650 mm
After-Sales-Service: Ingenieure stehen zur Verfügung, um Maschinen in Übersee zu warten

Because most automatic packaging equipment can be customized to individual production lines, it can be used in a wide variety of industries. The most frequent adopters of this technology include companies that manufacture food products. The small size of most snack foods, candy bars, and other packaged consumables makes packaging for distribution more cumbersome. Automated equipment is rugged enough to operate continuously, yet gentle enough to count, weigh, and load relatively fragile food items without damaging them.

Other industries that often make use of automatic packaging include home and garden manufacturers and producers of cosmetics and healthcare products. These items are small and often irregular in size, making them difficult to manage in a manual packaging environment. Through automation, they are accurately and efficiently measured into boxes, resulting in long-term cost savings.